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Hosted By: Dr. Mary Barnes, Founder and CEO of Evolve Your Performance, LLC

Listen in as some of the most inspiring leaders share their personal leadership journey with Dr. Mary Barnes, CEO and Founder of Evolve Your Performance. We all have stories about how we learned what NOT to do from bad examples, how we learned about what works from inspiring people, and how we learned the hard way (through our own mistakes). For those who love hearing the inside scoop, the Evolving Executive is the best leadership podcast, covering all that and more. Listen as executives share their own unique perspectives on what it takes to succeed as a leader in today’s volatile world. Whether you’re already a top-performing leader who enjoys hearing what makes other executives tick or you’re early in your career and looking to the future, you’ll look forward to every episode. If you have an inspiring leader you think deserves to tell their story, please nominate them by clicking the button below and telling us about them!!

Leading with Mission in Mind with Kathy Boockvar

Kathy has quite a record of public service. With a law degree in hand, she started by representing low-income, disabled, and senior clients, as well as victims of domestic violence, at North Penn Legal Services. After her work at the nonprofit, she continued focusing on employment law, election law, and civil rights as a partner at Boockvar & Yeager. She was the Executive Director of LifeCycle WomanCare. She has continued her public service as the General Council to the PA Auditor General and Senior Advisor to the PA Governor on Election Modernization. She went on to serve as Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where she helped PA navigate a very visible election at the height of the pandemic. Now, as the president of Athena Strategies, LLC, she continues her quest for a stronger democracy, working with various organizations, government officials, and academic institutions to make our elections more secure and transparent.

Find out more about Kathy and her mission at her company's website:

Leading with Integrity with Julia Nepini

Today we are talking to Julia Nepini. Julia is a clinical and forensic social worker who owns a group practice in Fall River, Massachusetts, called Compassionate Counseling Company and a consulting business called Compassionate Consulting Company, where she helps clinicians start, expand, and diversify their practices. She is also the host of the Compassionate Climb podcast, where she discusses the challenges of being successful in business while maintaining integrity. Listen as we learn more about her leadership journey and philosophy.

Listen to The Compassionate Climb podcast here:

Find more information about Julia's Consulting company here:

Find more information about Julia's counseling company here:

Leading Yourself and Others with Don Gleason

Today we are talking to Don Gleason. Don is currently the CEO and President of Achieve New Heights as well as the Founder and CEO of the Military Transition Roundtable. He has almost 4 decades of leadership experience in the military and private sectors. Not only did Don spend over 2 decades leading teams and projects large and small as an Air Force engineer, but he has also devoted the last several years to helping the military and others navigate career transitions. He uses his diverse leadership experiences to help leaders understand and lead themselves so they can understand and lead others with better results. Listen as we learn more about his leadership journey and philosophy.

Connect with Don on LinkedIn here:

If you would like to learn more about or donate to Don's non-profit Military Transition Roundtable, check out the website here:

If you would like to learn more about Don's for-profit company, check out the website here:

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Are you looking to become a great leader in today's volatile environment? It takes more than just traditional skills to thrive. Executives need a growth mindset, continuously learning and evolving. That's exactly why we've created the Evolving Executive Podcast, a place to get real talk about what it takes to be a great leader and the lessons you learn along the way.

Learn from your peers and their successes and enjoy a shortcut to navigating the challenges of the modern executive. Whether you're already a leader or early in your career, this podcast is for you. Tune in for great conversations about leadership and success.



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